5 Tips for a Better Hike

Hiking is an awesome summertime activity that offers fun for the family. Not only can hikers sightsee during the hike, but they can also exercise and enjoy the fresh air. But, don’t head out the door so quickly. The five tips below can help make your hike even better than you thought possible.

1- Start Small

Don’t attempt to hike large inclines as a beginner hiker. You may be unable to complete the trek or fin that you hate hiking after the excruciating challenge. Choose a hiking trail designed for beginners and work your way up as your skills progress.

2- Prepare for the adventure

You’re going to get thirsty and hungry when outdoors hiking in the heat. Plan to get thirsty and need snacks to refuel. Bring bottled water in an insulated bag and bring enough with you for the entire duration of the walk. Grab protein-rich snacks as well.

3- Repel the Pests

Expect many pests to accompany you on the hike, to our dismay. Protect yourself by applying a DEET repellent before heading out. Mosquitos and ticks are the two biggest threats during a hike. It’s a good idea to schedule mosquito and tick control services annapolis to ensure your family and home’s safety.

4- Check the Weather

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Nothing ruins a hike faster than bad weather. Even worse, you are mid-hike and weather takes a turn for the worst. Prevent such mishaps by knowing the weather before you depart for the hike. Check your phone app or watch the local news for weather 101.

5- Other Preparedness Tips

Along with water and snacks, pack a bag of essentials that includes items such as a charged cell phone, bottles of water, a first aid kit, and items for emergency shelter, at a minimum. This ensures you are prepared for any emergency.