Lock Down Your Wireless Network For Security


If there is one thing no home or business owner wants to experience, it is being hacked by someone with malicious intent who want to steal your data and use it for their own profit or gain.

Many people think that installing antivirus software and ensuring their computers and smartphones are up to date with the latest updates are the best way to make sure they don’t get hacked. This isn’t always true, however. While important, these steps leave open a glaring attack vector that can allow hackers access to your entire network.

That’s right, you need to lock down your router and networking equipment, as well!

Locking Down Your Wireless Network


We’re all human, and not everyone except the most cybersecurity conscious may think about every single detail of things that need to be changed on their devices to ensure that they are as secure as possible.

Unfortunately, this opens up a lot of security holes in your network that hackers can easily exploit. Most routers, modems, and network devices come with standard passwords that are sometimes never changed by their owners after installation. These passwords can be easily cracked by a brute-force attack by a hacker running scripts, which would grant that hacker instant access to your entire network.

●    Change your default passwords right away. Many routers have a standard password such as “admin” or “password” when they are fresh out of the box, for the convenience of the person setting it up. It is important to change these right away.

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●    Make your passwords unique. Something like “123456,” “password123,” or your kids’ birthdays aren’t secure passwords. Use an alphanumeric password of eight characters or more. This would drastically lower your chances of your passwords being cracked by a dictionary attack by a hacker.

●    Ensure your WiFi is WPA2 encrypted. The old WEP wireless standard is very easy to break. Make sure you are using WPA2/PSK encryption on your network to beef up your security even more.

These are a few basic steps you can take to keep malicious actors out of your network. If you suspect you have been the victim of a hack attack, then you need to get in touch with small business network support professionals as soon as you can to get the hackers out and take back control of your network.