Tips For Building Your Computer

Building a computer can be both fun and educational.  Long gone are the days of printed circuit boards and transistors, today we have complete motherboards and other components that can be easily assembled and modified to create the ultimate computer for your needs.

The tower

The first component that you need is the case or otherwise known as the tower.  This is where you will house all of your components that make up your computer.  The tower will come with a power supply and a few other small components that will assist in the construction.


The motherboard is the main component of your computer.  Depending on the type of motherboard that you are using in your machine will determine what type of other hardware you are going to be able to sue. 

CPU, Memory and other components

To finish up the computer you will need to pick a CPU, the memory and all the other components that are needed to complete your computer.  Once you know what it is you want assembling is going to be your next step.


To assemble your computer, you first need to align the holes of the motherboard with the holes of your case.  This is done by screwing in some standoffs that will then be aligned with the holes in your motherboard.  Using screws, you will attach the motherboard to the case.

printed circuit boards

From here you will install the CPU and Memory into their appropriate slots on the board.  Attach a fan and heat sync to the CPU and attach the power supply.  Slip in the video card, network card, modem and anything else you purchased to build your computer, attaching the appropriate wires as needed.

Once everything is attached plug in the power supply to the wall and turn it on.  If you have done everything correctly you will have words and images on your screen.  From here it is your job to install your operating system and customizing your computer for your specific needs.