Using Technology In Our Lives

Our lives are swamped with technology.  We have technology in our homes, cars and even wearable on our bodies.  Many technological devices use a lot of technology such as rf power dividers, web cams, recording devices and even storage items like memory cards and hard drives.  With all of this technology around us, how do you use it in your life?


rf power dividers

Probably the most prominent place that you will use technology is at work.  In the workplace we are using computers, fax machines, copy machines, internet services, visual conferencing and so much more.  In almost every area of our jobs will require some type of technology. 

At home

When we get home you would think that we would be safe from technology.  In fact, we probably have more technical devices there then we do at work.  With smart TV’s, microwaves, digital assistants, computers, smart toys and more, the world of technology is all around us.

Take a break

It is a good idea that we take a break from technology.  When we take a break from technology many people will start to have a panic attack or start to fear what is going on in cyberspace or elsewhere.  When we have technology on us at all times such as smart phones, digital watches, palm pilots and other devices, we seem to feel safe.  However, once we let go we start to freak out. 

Taking a break should be done on a regular basis.  For example, no one should have technology with them at the dinner table.  You don’t need to take your phone with you when taking a shower.  It is at these times you can turn off your technology and really just take a break.

When we take this time and take a break it is going to be much easier for us to use and adjust to this technology in our lives.